Adam Brace

Adam grew up in Hertfordshire, studied Engineering and previously worked in the motor industry for 30yrs. He has a passion for art and drawing, as well as being a Petrol head, enjoying motor sport. He now lives in Norfolk and, being a keen gardener, spends lots of time outdoors developing his home and garden, which has ponds, mature trees and also large areas of bedding and planting to keep the wildlife happy.

Adam designed his tortoise in rossa red to represent the human blood stream, with the shield as protection and the horse being the calvary coming to the defence of the body. The A Z references the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. This is a play on the Ferrari badge. The prancing horse has been seen throughout history as a symbol of success and power in many themes.

Amanda Church

Amanda works at dream on. She finds art a great source of pleasure and relaxation. It is an activity that allows her to create pieces without the pressures of daily life. Creating art that children will enjoy makes this an even more enjoyable piece of work.

Lockdown meant that many young families were spending much more time together so Amanda decided to choose a theme that was recognisable to young and old…..apparently Harry Potter was the most read book during lockdown so it seemed the perfect representation.

Anna Partington

Anna is an artist and photographer who lives in Pulham Market. Her abstract artwork is based on intuitive mark-making, patterns and line-work and she has been working on a project about the connection between dyslexia, learning and doodling. She also loves landscape and botanical photography and produces limited edition prints that she sells online. Anna studied at Falmouth University where she did a foundation in art and design and then a degree in press and editorial photography

Bridget McIntyre

At school Bridget was told she was poor at art and so she stopped painting. That all changed following a conversation between a local artist Mary Harding and Bridget’s husband. When he told her Bridget’s story she said “bring her to me, I’ll teach her” and so over 20 years ago Bridget began painting. Since then she has spent time with artists in the UK and overseas developing her skills and discovering her love of art. She had the most fantastic mentor, Win Fenning, who built her skills, inspired her, gave her confidence and a love of art. A completely different place from where Bridget was as a little girl.

Daisy Carrick-Smith

Participating in the trail for a third year, Daisy is an artist who delights in any opportunity to partake in creative projects. Her current series depicts a self-created, imagined world called Arcipluvia, the eponym of her tortoise. Arcipluvia is a name derived from the word 'Arcipluvian' - translating to 'arch of rain' or 'rainbow' - meaning multi-coloured. Arcipluvia, the tortoise, serves to spread joy, hope, thanks and support, embodying everything good that a rainbow represents. In 2015, winning a Top 20 place in the Deutsche Bank Art Prize, the Saatchi Gallery exhibited Daisy's artwork twice, the second time, alongside the Rolling Stones in 2016

Dan Bradbury

Dan studied illustration at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. For Dan, art is about enjoying the process of escaping everything else that he has going on, whilst challenging himself to look more and capture the movement and feeling of what he is seeing. In 2019 he attended the Society of Wildlife Artists, John Busby Seabird drawing course, which was a wonderful experience. Dan has always had a love of the natural world and he endeavours to capture this through paintings, but has always wanted to develop a freedom that hasn't always been there.

Eleonora Knowland

Eleonora is a landscape painter and has lived in Suffolk for over 40 years. She is increasingly upset at the amount of litter that spoils our beautiful countryside. To highlight this she collected litter from within 2 miles of her home. She then washed it, and used this to cover the tortoise. Her point is that this would not be done to a real tortoise, so why do it to a landscape?

Ellie Hignett

Ellie studied art and product design at school as well as AS-Level. She is mostly creative in her spare time by drawing, painting and handmaking jewellery. Ellie also owns a small Etsy shop where she sells handmade jewellery.

Hannah Gardner

Hannah is a passionate pastry Chef who hasn’t picked up a paint brush since school! She's worked in professional kitchens for the past 7 years, honing her pastry skills in highly intensive, 90-hour weeks in London. She's enjoyed a step back in Suffolk for the past year! Hannah has recently started designing and commissioning cakes in the Suffolk and Norfolk area, whilst freelancing in a fast-paced restaurant in Burnham Market.

Issy Bovill

Issy is a recent Maths graduate from the University of Exeter who has spent the months before Covid travelling and exploring South America. Based in London, Issy has always had a passion for art and all things creative, having two architects as parents at home. From being an art prefect during primary school to sleepless nights during a-levels, it's aways been a side hobby that she thoroughly enjoys, no matter how frustrating mixing a colour can be!

James McIntyre

Part of the McIntyre family, James has always been creative and, since his teens, he has been known for his graphic art in Suffolk. His art can also be found in Reading where he was a student, in London where he worked and in Bristol where he learned from Banksy.

Joy Evitt

Joy lives in Eye and is passionate about all aspects of costume and textiles. Teaching for nearly 40 years enabled her to build up a diverse knowledge base that includes historical events that have affected peoples lives and are now woven into the history of costume and textiles.

Judith Hunt

Judith is a local artist living and working in Yaxley, Suffolk. She runs a business called M.J Education Soutions Ltd with her husband. Work consists of ceramics, glass, painting and photography. She also uses her previous experience within education to promote art skills, providing workshops in her art studio.

Karen Turner

Born in London in 1978, Karen spent many of her school years in Geneva, before returning to the UK to attend Hampstead Fines Arts College in London. In 2014 she moved to Eye, where she has a home studio. A portrait and figure artist, Karen uses a minimalistic, sculptural style to describe structure, aiming to capture her sitter using the least marks possible. Karen's work was recently selected for the Portraits for NHS Heroes exhibition and the accompanying Bloomsbury book. In May 2021 she was awarded the President's Prize at the Institute of East Anglian Artists Open Exhibition.

Kate Charles

Kate was born and raised by the sea on the North Island of New Zealand. A career that started in fashion and film took her to Australia where she studies Visual Art at the University of Sydney, and then to London where she created installations for luxury fashion retailers and department stores. Today she lives by the sea in Suffolk and bases her art on influences drawn from culture, travel and fashion.

Louise Ferrier

From her garden studio, Louise designs and makes bespoke stained-glass windows to commission and create original and unique glass gifts. The natural world is always the inspiration for her work, but it is also heavily influenced by light and pattern and can incorporate both traditional and contemporary techniques. She also offers a restoration service and teaches workshops

Mae Hardisty

We are very fortunate to secure Mae as one of our artists. She generally keeps a low profile and is rarely seen in public. As an artist, Mae was inspired to paint Giraffe with dreams of Africa.

Michael Battley

Michael is a Travel Sales manager at Imaginative Traveller and Dragoman. Born in Ipswich, he has also lived in Leeds, London, Australia and Cape Town. He returned to Suffolk in his mid 20's and now lives with his partner and son in the beautiful village of Somersham. Michael is an amateur painter having revisited it again in recent years. He is lucky enough to travel with his work which allows him to take influence for his paintings from many different cultures. For the hare, he decided to show it wearing a jumper with the national flags of every country in the world -197 in total. Try and see how many you can recognise.

Michael Soper

Michael is a local amateur creative. He paints for pleasure and also enjoys acting and performing with local dramatic groups. Recently he has diversified into working with spray-paints and graffiti style art. His mantra has always been 'get involved' and he is keen to encourage more adults to do just that and embrace their creative sides without fear of being judged. Anyone can paint, draw, sculpt or perform.

Nicola Warner

Nicola is an eclectic artist mindfully creating whimsical watercolours and mixed media pieces, with a love of gold. Nicola's abstract art is often highly textured and many pieces feature her signature gold/brass leaf in amongst the mixed media and collages to which she is drawn. Conversely, some of her smaller 'lighter' pieces feature vintage inspired watercolours and home-made botanical inks. Intuitive, and using a varied colour palette, her work appeals to a variety of tastes. Nicola is also a keen photographer and uses her digital skills to create wall art.

Nidhi Arora

Nidhi works full time and loves spending time with family and friends. She is a social creature and at the same time enjoys her me time with her paints and brushes. She enjoys painting as it rejuvenates her soul. 'I hope' is her attempt to spread a message that nothing can be achieved without hope and confidence and as they say, “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

Paul Rackham

Paul is very shy about his artwork, despite being incredibly talented from a very young age. He is a skilled carpenter and has spent all of his working life in the building trade with very little time to pursue his artwork, with the exception of a handful of family commissions and the bedroom walls of his three children Jack, Charlie and Emily. Paul enjoys painting in water colours and acrylics and he painted the distinctive red rose for the Rosedale logo. Some of his recent works include sketches of his children, a canvas of his father who sadly passed away in 2017 and various wildlife images including a barn owl

Rachael Constantine

Rachael took the leap into self-employment founding Cora Studios in 2019 having worked in the education sector. She is now a full-time freelance illustrator and graphic artist and is terrified and elated in equal measure!

Supporting clients with a wide range of disciplines, including graphic art, digital marketing and communication, illustration, and website design, she is never ever bored!

Rachael is an East Anglian through and through; born in Cambridge, raised in Suffolk, and now living on the Norfolk Broads.

Rachael feels privileged to have had the opportunity to design her own Hare this year, after designing the logo and marketing literature since the trail began.

Sally Hargreaves

Sally is a former lawyer turned property developer. She's recently resurrected her old passion for acrylics and oils and is delighted to be involved in the Eye Art trail She's enjoyed doing more painting and trying her hand at pottery in the last few years and is looking to do more creative pursuits as she approaches retirement

Sarah Bentley

Sarah works full-time and in her spare time she enjoys painting and photograph. She has launched her own Instagram page. Sarah studied A-Level Art at Thomas Mills Sixth Form and has gone onto various evening classes to keep up her passion and to explore different subject matters. Her main medium is using Water Soluble Wax Crayons, oil pastels and charcoal. Sarah is thrilled to be taking part again - this is her third time.

Sharon Teague

Sharon lives in the centre of Eye and has lived in Suffolk all her life. As a child she was inspired to create art by watching her grandfather painting oil landscapes. Since graduating from Ipswich Art School, she's had a thirty year career as a graphic designer. In her spare time she enjoys experimenting with various art techniques and mediums, including printmaking, acrylic painting and cyanotypes, and she's known for her leaf artworks in pen and watercolour.

Sharon's ‘HAREMONY’ is comprised of 3 key elements:

Harmony: A harmonious rainbow of colours in the form of flowing fur-like brush strokes in an impressionist art style;

Yin-Yang: The balance of opposing forces (there can be no light without darkness) positivity post pandemic;

Moon: Moon-gazing hare (brings good fortune and abundance) - the textured moon is made from silver leaf with photoluminescent craters that glow in the dark.

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